The stages at the school is divided into play group, pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary level.

Play Group- Lets Learn & Play(Age Limit 2+ Yrs)

To make toddlers familiar with school and its environment, our school has a pre-nursery kids section in the name of ‘ Muskan ’ where the children of two plus age are admitted. The attractive and colorful classroom creates a mesmerizing world for the kids to enjoy learning. The colourful ambience of the wing has been so created, to motivate the mood of the tiny-tots for learning while playing. All educational toys, games as well as rides are provided for the all round development of the children.

Pre-Primary Level (Age Limit-3 to 5 Yrs)

Pre-primary level embraces the Montessori system, where the students work at their own pace and can even cover materials not always offered to their environment. Here, the emphasis is laid on the development of basic skills and concepts in various subject areas to develop the wider prospective towards every walk of life.

Primary Level (Age Limit-6 to 10 Yrs)

At the primary level, the teachers adopt various innovative and modern techniques to make the concepts clear to the students. They are provided a wider range of environment to think and analyze the situation by themselves.

Middle Level (Age Limit-11 to 13 Yrs)

In the middle group, the curriculum is broadened matching the growing needs and abilities to learn the subjects more deeply and to assimilate more knowledge.

Secondary and Senior Secondary Level (Age Limit-14 to 17 Yrs)

As a child reaches this level, he knows about his abilities at a more rapid pace and the curriculum is framed to satisfy his needs. Stress is laid on imparting a wider knowledge beyond the text which is not limited to the protected portal of the institution. Students are provided with a wider horizon to think, analyse and research on what they learn. They are prepared for their entry into the world of higher education to improve their career prospects. The school has following streams of education in classes XI & XII.

  • Commerce
  • Science-Non-Medical
  • Humanities
  • Science- Medical
  • Competitive Exams Coaching
  • Educational Visits, camps and Tours
  • Merit Scholarship

Competitive Exams Coaching

The school provides special coaching for classes XI & XII to excel in IIT/JEE/AIEEE, during the school hours by the professional tutors. This coaching is being provided free of charge. The school also provides coaching for NTSE.

Educational Visits, Camps and Tours

Outings, Picnics and Visits to the Historical places are arranged from time to time. Joining tour is compulsory from class IV onwards and one picnic for the lower classes during an academic session.

Merit Scholarship

A merit scholarship test is conducted every year in the month of April for the students scoring A+ grade in all the subjects. Those students who score 90% & above are awarded with a cash prize every year. Class Toppers from all the classes are provided with complete free feeship & those students who attain 9.8 CGPA in X board are given half-feeship. This continues even for the next session if the child attains the same position.Outings, Picnics and Visits to the Historical places are arranged from time to time. Joining tour is compulsory from class IV onwards and one picnic for the lower classes during an academic session.


Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the pupil. If a student misses even a single test, his/her position in the class is effected. Absenteism does not merely effect rank in the class but also the final result. 75% attendance is compulsory for appearing in the Board and 85% for the school exam. The Final Examination is meant to confirm and to establish the trend of progress throughout the year.

Double Promotion

Application for double promotion shall be entertained in classes Nursery & KG only. Such promotion shall be on the basis of test and on attaining proper age for the class. For details contact the school Principal.

Evaluation and Promotion

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system has been introducted as per CBSE in which grading is given in place of marks. Promotion to next class is granted on the basis of scholastic and co-scholastic assessment of the child during the whole year. It will also assess student in life skills which includes thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills.