Imposing palatial four storied building with an airy, well- ventilated class rooms & Lecture theaters furnished with the latest furniture and fixtures has been constructed. The green land around the school makes the atmosphere hygienic. Centrally air-cooled classrooms have been provided especially for the Tiny-Tots. Keeping in mind the frequent power cuts in the area, we have also installed a power generator in the school. The school has been equipped with all sorts of fire safety systems as per the norms set by the fire department.


The school has a spacious air cooled library with quality books pertaining to different subjects, encyclopedias & collection of CD/D VD’s periodicals, journals on different topics. Separate section for reference books has also been provided. The library is well furnished with the latest furniture and fixtures. The library has separate photocopier and internet access which is open for the students.

Computer Lab

Computer forms an integral part of the syllabus for classes nursery to XII. The school has a well equipped computer lab with more than fifty computers having access to the internet & softwares. All the computers are installed with classroom management software to control the student’s computer activity from the teacher’s computer in order to monitor or prevent web browsing.

Physics Lab

The school has a large and spacious Physics lab of about 1200 sq. ft. that can accommodate in number thirty-five to forty students at a time. It is equipped with the latest instruments catering to the senior secondary syllabus. Students are provided with sufficient opportunity to experiment and research with what they learn in theory.

Chemistry Lab

A well ventilated large chemistry lab measuring about 1200 sq. ft. with a capacity of forty students at a time provides an opportunity to experiment and learn the concepts. The lab is equipped with all the equipments required for the students of Senior Secondary level.

Biology Lab

To provide the first-hand knowledge to the students, the biology lab is stocked with all those materials which allow the students to explore the living world around.

Mathematics Lab

To make mathematical learning a fun and joyful experience, the school has a well furnished spacious mathematics lab equipped with the latest teaching apparatus/ models helping the students to clear their concepts through simple & fun-loving activities.

Amusement Room

The school has an amusement room specially meant for the pre-nursery, kindergarten and the primary students, where they learn through various teaching apparatus like educational toys, games and by using audio –visual aids. This room is a fun world for the tiny toddlers The ambience of the area is so developed that the tiny tots enjoy a lot.

Music and Dance Room

A well furnished music and dance room helps the students to groom and polish their innate talent in music and dance under the guidance of our well-qualified teachers and trainers. All western and Indian musical instruments are available and the students are being trained to play them. The hidden talents of the students are taken out and then being carved according to their interest.

Art Room

Art room provides an opening for the students to showcase their talent in art and craft. Here, they are guided with the professional techniques and guidelines to enhance their creativity. Specially designed furniture is provided. All sorts of art like oil painting, batik, sand art, Bombayart, modernart, sculpture, paper mesh etc. are being taught. The students are monitored and are given attention according to their interest. Fine Arts as a subject is also offered to class XI & XII students.


Sports form a very integral part of the school curriculum, all the students are expected to participate regularly in all the activities of sports. The school has a large play ground with the courts of volley ball, basket ball, football, cricket, and other games including skating. Besides the outdoor games our school also emphasizes on indoor games like badminton, carom –board, chess, table tennis. Special coaches and qualified teachers train the students regularly to excel in the field of sports. Students are also given training for various martial arts including judo, karate by special trainers. To include the exciting water activities for the kids an imported “Splash pool” has been provided.


An infirmary with highly qualified Doctors provides health and hygienic care to the students. They are also counseled from time to time by these doctors, on adolescence issues and other physical and emotional problems of the teens. A proper health record of each students is also maintained. A separate Medical room has been provided and the doctor visits the school everyday. First-Aid is given in case of any incident occurring on the campus.

Other Facilities

Students Facility Corner

Uniforms, books and other stationery items are made available on the campus.


Our School also has a well aerated, clean and hygienic canteen catering the food requirements of the staff and children. The quality of the food supplied is strictly monitored by the team of staff deputed. No junk food or fast food is available in the canteen, only highly nutritious food is sold.

3RD Generation Classroom

To provide technopedagogical knowledge to the students the school has introduced the third Generation smart classes in colaboration with the TATA edge smart classesTM.


Transport Facilities

The school provides safe and reliable transport system to the students. Admission to the school does not confirm the allocation of seat in the bus. In case of change in the address, subsequent adjustment in the route or another bus is not guaranteed. Any indiscipline act from the student’s part may lead to the cancellation of transport facility to the student.

First Aid

All Departments of Education and Communities staff in schools share a special duty of care to provide a secure and safe environment.