Vice-Principal Message

An educational institution aims at teaching students not just to live but to reason and analyze Life. Aristotle said ‘The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’. We at Modern International Sr. Sec. School, Jasana, Faridabad are working really hard and inching towards that goal where ‘Life will be sweet’. We believe in imparting value based education to all its students. Empowerment of each child at all levels by meeting the intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs of the child what we strive for. Today the benchmark of success for a school lies well beyond grades and best scores into the domain of leadership and life skills learnt by its students. We understand this and have trained our students to regard ‘failure as a detour and not a dead end, a delay, not a defeat’.

In addition to high quality academics life at Modern International Sr. Sec. School, provides a variety of opportunities and activities for an all round development of a child which has borne excellent result. Modern International Sr. Sec. School offers a variety of Clubs-Music, Dance, Debate, Personality Development etc. and a wide range of Cultural activities at all levels. Special coaching is also organized for various Sports and Games so that along with learning the techniques, Students also learn the lesson of Camaraderie, Team spirit, sharing hope and participation.

Our motto ‘Service before Self’ inspires us to firmly believe that happiness lies in serving others and we at Modern International Sr. Sec. School are passionate about grooming our students such a way that they can face the challenges of life and lead the society from the front, ensuring that at the same time that they not only become outstanding leaders and professionals but also good human beings and make their life ‘Sweet’